Digital Wayfinder

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Digital Wayfinder


  • The Perfect Navigation Solution.
  • Crystal Digital Signage designs exclusive and unique way finders with 100% customisation.

Crystal  wayfinding kiosks help users navigate their destination and encourages them to explore their surrounding area with interactive information.

“When people visit your company, your shop or mall, it is necessary to make a great first impression by helping them find you faster and by guiding and greeting them on every step of the way.  Digital way Finder way finding does a brilliant job by helping navigators to reach their destination.”

Digital Wayfinding by Crystal Digital Signage will assist your audience with detailed and appropriate directions in a rich format using touch screen technology.

Interactive wayfinding kiosk provides various advantages than a traditional way finder. Crystal Digital Signage designs exclusive and unique way finders. With choosing a 100% customized design .